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3 in 1 Automatic Wire Stripper Crimping Pliers for Cutting


Ex Tax: $14.38

Automatic Wire Stripper Crimping PliersMain Features: Made of high-quality steel 3 in 1: stripping, trimming, crimp terminal Saving more effort than conventional wire strippers Not destroy the lin..


Adjustable Cable Stripper Pliers


Ex Tax: $6.83

5 inch Adjustable Wire Stripper Crimper Cutter Stripping ToolMain Features: Automatic wire stripper cutter Suitable for 0.2 - 3 square millimeter cables section Wire edge distance and stripping le..


BZ02 Multifunctional Folding Pliers / Nails Tool


Ex Tax: $3.23

BZ02 Multifunctional Folding Pliers / Nails Tool with Carrying PouchMain Features: Integration design, convenient to use. Pliers / screwdriver / double-sided poking knife / saw / knife / slotted poi..


GH - 13009 Vertical Type Handle Toggle Clamp


Ex Tax: $4.27

GH - 13009 Vertical Type Hand Clamp U Shaped Clamping BarMain Features: Ideal for quickly holding down sheet metal or circuit boards, suitable for machine operation, welding, electronic equipment ass..


JAKEMY JM - CT4 - 12 Wire Stripper Cutter


Ex Tax: $6.58

JAKEMY JM - CT4 - 12 Wire Cutter Stripper Clamp 7.0 inch Hardware Tool This is gear grinding wire stripper / line clamp / wire cutter / plier. It is the simplest and fastest way to strip plastic or..


Jeep 56HRC Multifunctional Folding Pliers Combination Tool


Ex Tax: $11.90

Jeep Portable 56HRC Multifunctional Folding Pliers Combination ToolMain Features: It is used for outdoor camping, adventure, daily use, etc.. It includes knife / bottle opener / cross screwdriver / ..


LODESTAR L209C21 Diagonal Cutting Pliers


Ex Tax: $8.48

LODESTAR L209C21 5 inch Diagonal Cutting Pliers for Cutting / Crimping / Stripping Specification General Model: L202C04 ..


Midget Diagonal Plier


Ex Tax: $3.35

Midget Diagonal Plier with Extra Narrow Jaws Specification General Optional Color: Blue ..


ROBUST DEER RT100-346 Needle Nose Pliers Precise Multifunctional Hand Tool


Ex Tax: $8.57

ROBUST DEER RT100-346 Multi-purpose Needle Nose Pliers for Wire Loop Forming and GrippingMain Features: Precision forged with high carbon steel The jaw is induction hardened, which makes it cutting ..

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